CSE-700 Parallel Programming

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Fall 2007
박성우, Sungwoo Park
Lecture, Friday 1pm, Engineering Building 2-101
3 credits

The free lunch is over -- there is little room for increasing clock frequency while increasing hardware parallelism is now the only viable way of improving processor performance. In conjunction with the advent of multicore processors, the impending demise of free lunch is changing the conventional wisdom on computer hardware. Such a radical change in the trend of computer hardware has revitalized research on language support for parallel programming. It is also evident that parallel programming will be the next revolution in the software development, following structural programming in 1970s and object-oriented programming in 1980s.
In this course, we learn basics of parallel programming with practial programming in OpenMP and MPI. Although OpenMP and MPI are the de facto standard for parallel programming in industry, both programming models lack advanced programming concepts that have made their way into recent parallel programming languages. Thus investigating recent parallel programming languages will be another major part of this course. Students will also survey a research topic related to parallel programming and present the result in class. Students will be provided with a list of topics to choose from and related papers.

What's New?

  • For October 19, the class starts at 7pm.
  • For September 7, the class starts at 2pm.
  • There is no class on Tuesday and Thursday. We will have a three-hour class at Engineering Building 2-101, 1pm every Friday.

Class Material

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Course Information

Textbook Introduction to Parallel Programming (2nd). Ananth Grama et al. Addison Wesley.
Parallel Programming with MPI. Peter Pacheco. Morgan Kaufmann. (Supplementary)
Parallel Programming in OpenMP. Rohit Chandra et al. Morgan Kaufmann Publishers. (Supplementary)
Credit 3
Grading 25% Assignments. There will be a total of five programming assignments. Except for the first one, each programming assignment consists of two programming tasks that are the same in the goal but different in programmming models (OpenMP and MPI).
25% Project. Each student will choose a parallel programming language and implement a parallel program in this language. .
25% Class presentation. Each student will choose research papers related to parallel programming and present in class.
25% Class participation. Students are expected to actively participate in class discussion.
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Teaching Staff

Instructor 박성우, Sungwoo Park
Contact gla@postech or x-2386
Office Engineering Building 2, Room 317
Instructor 손민영, Minyoung Son
Contact myson@postech
Office Engineering Building 2, Room 306-1

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