CSE-433 Logic in Computer Science

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Fall 2014
박성우, Sungwoo Park
Lecture, Tuesday and Thursday 12:30pm - 1:45pm, 수리과학관 206호
3 credits

This course covers the basics of logic in computer science. We study various styles of formulating logic, but the main focus of this course lies on a proof-theoretic study of constructive logic, as opposed to a model-theoretic study of classical logic. A proof-theoretic formalization of constructive logic serves as a foundation for type theory for programming languages, so this course should also be interesting to those interested in type theory. We also learn to program in a proof assistant Coq which enables us to formally write proofs in a logical language.
Topics to be covered include: propositional logic, natural deduction, normalization, Curry-Howard isomorphism, first-order logic, dependent types, sequent calculus, cut-elimination, classical logic, modal logic, substructural logic, and automated theorem proving.

Prerequisites: CSE-321 Programming Languages, or by permission of the instructor.

What's New?

  • (Dec 9) Final: Dec 15 Monday 7pm-10pm, Engineering building 2동 111, closed book.
  • (Nov 6) Midterm is out! See Assignments.
  • (Sep 2) Welcome -- Course webpage is open!

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Course Information

Lectures Tuesday and Thursday 2:00pm - 3:15pm, 수리과학관 206호
Textbook Course notes [PS, PDF].
Note Document on the disciplinary policy [PDF]
Credit 3
Grading 60% Assignments
20% Midterm Exam
20% Final Exam
Midterm 2011 Exam: 72 hours Coq programming + Written [PDF].
2010 Exam: 72 hours Coq programming.
2009 Exam: 72 hours Coq programming.
2007 Exam [PS, PDF] Solution [PS, PDF]
2006 Exam [PS, PDF] Solution [PS, PDF]
Final 2013 Exam [PDF]
2011 Exam [PDF]
2010 Exam [PDF] Solution [PDF]
2009: Take-home.
2007 Exam [PS, PDF] Solution [PS, PDF]
2006 Exam [PS, PDF] Solution [PS, PDF]
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Teaching Staff

Instructor 박성우, Sungwoo Park
Contact gla@postech or x-2386
Office 정통연, Room 334
Office Hour Thursday 3:30pm-4:30pm
Teaching assistant TBA

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