CSE-321 Programming Languages

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Spring 2011
박성우, Sungwoo Park
Lecture, Tuesday and Thursday 12:30pm-13:45pm. 정보통신연구소 143호
3 credits

This course covers the basics of the theory of programming languages. We will begin with an introduction to functional programming and the mathematical foundation for programming language theory, and then proceed to the techniques for formally defining a programming language such as abstract syntax, type system, and operational semantics. We will investigate important features found in modern programming languges and their implementation issues.
This course places a strong emphasis on the role of type theory in modern programming languages. In order to complement our theoretical study with practical programming, we will learn a higher-order functional language called ML.

Prerequisites: None, but Discrete Mathematics, Data Structure, and Algorithm are recommended.

What's New?

  • (05/31) Final: June 18, 7pm-11pm. 정보통신연구소 143호. Closed book.
  • (04/26) Midterm exam and solutions are now up.
  • (04/12) Midterm: April 23, 7pm-10pm. 정보통신연구소 143호. Closed book.
  • (03/03) Welcome -- Course webpage is open!

Class Material

Schedule Lecture schedule and readings
Assignments Details of assignments, due dates, and policies
Software Guides to setting up the programming environment
Resources Course resources

Course Information

Lectures Tuesday and Thursday 12:30pm-13:45pm, 정보통신연구소 143호
Document on the disciplinary policy [PDF]
Textbook Course notes [PDF]
Notes on Programming SML/NJ, Riccardo Pucella (reference book for Standard ML; local copy [PDF])
Programming in Standard ML, Robert Harper (supplementary book for Standard ML)
Introduction to Programming Using SML, Michael. R. Hansen and Hans Rischel (supplementary book; 5 copies available in the library)
ML for the Working Programmer, L.C. Paulson (supplementary textbook; available in the library)
Haskell: The Craft of Functional Programming, Simon Thompson (supplementary textbook; available in the library)
Credit 3
Grading 50% Assignments
10% Quiz
20% Midterm Exam
20% Final Exam
Midterm Spring 2011: Exam [PDF] Solution [PDF]
Spring 2010: Exam [PDF] Solution [PDF]
Spring 2009: Exam [PDF] Solution [PDF]
Spring 2007: Exam [PDF] Solution [PDF]
Spring 2006: Exam [PDF] Solution [PDF]
Final Spring 2011: Exam [PDF]
Spring 2010: Exam [PDF] Solution [PDF]
Spring 2009: Exam [PDF] Solution [PDF]
Spring 2007: Exam [PDF] Solution [PDF]
Spring 2006: Exam [PDF] Solution [PDF]
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Teaching Staff

Instructor 박성우, Sungwoo Park
Contact gla@postech or x-2386
Office 정보통신연구소 334
Office Hour Thursday 5pm-6pm
TA 박종현, Jonghyun Park, 임정표, Jungpyo Im
Contact {parjong, jplim}@postech or x-5878
Office 정보통신연구소 353
Office Hour Tuesday 4pm-5pm, Wednesday 4pm-5pm

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